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Another Exceptional Year ⸻ wish there was more to report

Another Exceptional Year ⸻ wish there was more to report Well, as the days are coming to a close on yet another year, let us be people with hearts full of thanksgiving, learning, wisdom, and above all, let us be … Continue reading

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Punishing Tom Brady is Sick and Atrociously Egregious!

Punishing Tom Brady is Sick and Atrociously Egregious! Tom Brady said tonight he didn’t really have any comment or reaction to the Deflategate report in which lead attorney Ted Wells said it “is more than probable” Brady was aware of … Continue reading

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On Education…both Ways

It is overwhelming important that we look into education, which some of the greatest minds ever known have ever been and their beliefs in the future of humankind was directly channeled through the entire history of civilization that we call … Continue reading

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What about Accountability, Integrity, and Ethics…Mr. President

Billions of dollars in tax credits are being paid out to illegal immigrants because of a certain “undocumented worker” tax loophole, Indiana’s WTHR-TV reports. And, of course, it’s all happening at the expense of the taxpayer. “There is not a … Continue reading

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Obama introduces Class Warfare

The president will call the new tax the “Buffett rule” after billionaire investor Warren Buffett, an Obama supporter who has publicly complained that tax breaks allow him to pay a lower rate than his secretary. We really cannot speak for … Continue reading

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