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It is one misnomer after another…

It is one misnomer after another… Roseanne Barr waded into racial waters on Monday, suggesting that former Barack Obama adviser Valerie Jarrett is a product of the Muslim Brotherhood and the “Planet of the Apes.” I believe that it is … Continue reading

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Muslim scholar draws 1,000 for Cal Poly

Muslim scholar draws 1,000 for Cal Poly speech on dangers of ‘Islamophobia’ Dalia Mogahed came to Cal Poly’s campus Saturday preaching a message of unity, and the nearly 1,000 people who filled Chumash Auditorium responded in kind — engaging in a … Continue reading

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The Religious Lobby:

The Religious Lobby: I just cannot tell you folks enough about how much of this globalization goo just undermines my skin! Today it happened shortly after listening to some news radio and feeling disgusted with the respondents the host was … Continue reading

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So very typical of special interest and advocacy groups

If the organizers of the Jumu’ah are as radical as they seem to be, then there’s a moment of cognitive dissonance happening here within the Democratic coalition. While LGBT groups are indignant at the inclusion of Cardinal Dolan, there’s been … Continue reading

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Freedom of speech demands Political Correctness..?

Freedom of speech demands Political Correctness..? Mayor Peter Swiderski addressed a letter to the entire village of Hastings on Hudson, New York, making clear his conviction that facts which offend the sensibilities of the left must be condemned as “deplorable, … Continue reading

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For all the laughs, naysayers, and others…it may very well come down to this (Part 2)

Seriously, every single issue from the Founding Fathers to the Bill of Rights, First Amendment attackers to the U.S. Constitution it does seems as though these advocacy and special interest groups are spewing a lot of hate toward Christ and … Continue reading

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Let’s just look and be acquainted…NOW…before its too late!

We’re sure those that having a read at our site has certainly noticed our individual page marker on the menu up-top under the heading of “Political Correctness.” And hopefully you are aware that several of us here have studied language … Continue reading

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A growing threat to our freedom of speech…

Few in the West were concerned with such laws 20 years ago. Even if still on some statute books, they were only of historical interest. That began to change in 1989, when the late Ayatollah Khomeini, then Iran’s Supreme Leader, … Continue reading

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