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Press: How much more Stupid can you be?

Press: How much more Stupid can you be? I submit before you an apology of sorts. Yeah, like what kind of sort? A full-on apology, “I am truly sorry,” that I must write this bit of rubbish. I am very … Continue reading

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He had it coming – so do several more!

He had it coming – so do several more! Make no doubt about it whatsoever! The United States is a sovereign nation that all started with laws. I wrote a book and a lot of the material covered the collusion … Continue reading

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Schedule of Events, Breaking news on Benghazi-gate

Schedule of Events, Breaking news on Benghazi-gate When it comes right down to it we know, since before Obama took office that he was involved in corruption and crimes. For those human beings who come and have a look – … Continue reading

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Freedom of Speech and Lying

The Supreme Court will hear a case regarding the constitutionality of the Stolen Valor Act. Passed by Congress with vast support in 2006, the law makes it a crime to lie about having received military medals. The federal appeals court … Continue reading

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Get Out of the Bus…and Back to Washington!

The new pluralism is the concept of looking at the functions of society – common purpose with common good for the people – and seeing to it that the community within is autonomous and independent. But all earlier pluralist societies … Continue reading

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Activist Judges Overturn Stolen Valor Act

What could possibly be more offensive than understanding and using the U.S. Constitution to advance one’s cause albeit in the most dispicable and heinous ways? Whilst reading please keep at the forefront of your mind the First Amendment and freedom of … Continue reading

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Like parents…like kids? (Give me 3 minutes)

As stated before in so many posts, there is an obvious disconnect between what is and the way it ought to be. Seriously ladies and gentlemen give me three minutes of your time and this notion will be clearly demonstrated … Continue reading

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