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Where are we, personally and as a nation headed?

Where are we, personally and as a nation headed? I wonder about the intentions and motives that seem to hover over well-known Social Media sites. This is a statement that has two perspectives. One, of course, would be the motives … Continue reading

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It is amazing how some can be so stupid!

Attorney General Jeff Sessions, in testimony before a Senate committee, called it “an appalling and detestable lie” for Democrats to suggest he would collude with Russians to undermine the U.S. presidential election. “I did not recuse myself from defending my … Continue reading

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Now, it is your turn, what can you do to make the USA a better place..?

Now, it is your turn, what can you do to make the USA a better place..? The title as you read it means exactly what it says ⸻ I invite every one of you to come to a local Starbuck’s preferably … Continue reading

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Is it ever Acceptable for the Government to Lie to the People?

Is it ever Acceptable for the Government to Lie to the People? Do you think that a person living in times of government lying and covering up their bad acts that include scandals, or having actions that go completely against … Continue reading

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Hollywood Gets Ready

If there’s anything Hollywood loves more than the spotlight, it’s a glamorous party and it doesn’t get more glamorous than the Academy Awards. Celebrities flock to Los Angeles from all over the world, the city itself is abuzz with all … Continue reading

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