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Reid College students boycott classes and demand outreach programs

The more I am reminded of people that will do anything to advance their careers, try and show how smart they are, or better still and there are a lot of these kind of people around. You know the one’s … Continue reading

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What happened to the “I NEVER sent a …”

What happened to the “I NEVER sent a …” I cannot and will not speak for any interested reader here, but for those who have not been in America that long, it is the time that one becomes acquainted with … Continue reading

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“Unified Change”?

You talk about slithering…what a brood of vipers! I am here to tell you that there is no end to the skullduggery, back-stabbing, cheating, and with no shame mind you…maybe that’s way these Washington D.C. politicians fit in so well … Continue reading

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