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About Accountability and Culpability

About Accountability and Culpability This ostensible writing intends on asking questions of our Congressional staff predicated upon newer and newly released information from the State Department (SD) and the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) with regards to some of the … Continue reading

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Reid College students boycott classes and demand outreach programs

The more I am reminded of people that will do anything to advance their careers, try and show how smart they are, or better still and there are a lot of these kind of people around. You know the one’s … Continue reading

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What happened to the “I NEVER sent a …”

What happened to the “I NEVER sent a …” I cannot and will not speak for any interested reader here, but for those who have not been in America that long, it is the time that one becomes acquainted with … Continue reading

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“Unified Change”?

You talk about slithering…what a brood of vipers! I am here to tell you that there is no end to the skullduggery, back-stabbing, cheating, and with no shame mind you…maybe that’s way these Washington D.C. politicians fit in so well … Continue reading

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