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Voting…America’s last privilege losing its integrity..?

It wasn’t too long ago that America was suffering from voter-itis or even voter-phobia. During the General Elections where the Office of the President was being determined, voter turnout had dipped so low that many believe that there were alternative … Continue reading

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You make the call…

Okay, alright already, we’ve had enough already. Just a hypothetical for our “if this – then that” friends out there; please participate or else we’ll thinks it’s us. Therefore we thought of comparing like items to get a preview of … Continue reading

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All of this over “Voter ID”?

A photo ID requirement for voters in Texas could disenfranchise hundreds of thousands of registered Hispanics, the Justice Department declared Monday in its latest move against Republican-led voting changes in many states that have drawn protests from minorities, poor people … Continue reading

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Obama administration blocks Texas voter ID law…with Holder and Perez

“We the People”…what a concept! When the Founding Fathers were working tirelessly with relentless savvy putting this nation together they knew much about human nature and the lengths that humans would go to achieve power albeit, legally or illegally. Moreover, … Continue reading

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Supreme Court and Affirmative Action

The U.S. Supreme Court agreed to consider rolling back university affirmative action programs, re-entering a racially charged debate by accepting an appeal from a rejected white applicant to the University of Texas. The appeal takes aim at a 2003 Supreme … Continue reading

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Accountable Until the End

 “Texas 7” fugitive who dropped appeals executed “Let’s do the right thing – for once,” he explained in a recent interview with The Associated Press. “My parents raised me to be accountable.” Say what you like-good or bad-yet Michael Rodriquez … Continue reading

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