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Time to stop the Corruption Democrats

I was reading today about the polling data regarding our new President Donald Trump. Believe it or not, the main question put to respondent’s was did the POTUS have a plan to be engaged with the Assad (Syrian) regime? Of which … Continue reading

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Russia, Syria, and Iran..?

First my humblest apologies for the sporadic writing and presence on this my site, The Contemplative Thinker! Just a bit about me, I have been working very, very hard with my publisher and we’re going to be published again! I … Continue reading

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America’s relationship with immigration is … complicated.

America’s self-image is forever intertwined with the melting pot. It’s a nation that welcomes the world’s wretched refuse, a nation built by immigrants, a nation whose very motto is “E Pluribus Unum” — Out of Many, One. America’s history also … Continue reading

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How many of us knew that it would be this way?

I very recently (within this week) received a letter from my Congressman, Rep. Elijah Cummings asking me to read some articles which I later found out  were to further his cause of lambasting President Trump. So what we have here … Continue reading

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A federal judge in Texas on Saturday ordered

A federal judge in Texas on Saturday ordered… A federal judge in Texas on Saturday ordered a halt to another Obama administration effort to strengthen transgender rights, this time over health rules that social conservatives say could force doctors to … Continue reading

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Now, it is your turn, what can you do to make the USA a better place..?

Now, it is your turn, what can you do to make the USA a better place..? The title as you read it means exactly what it says ⸻ I invite every one of you to come to a local Starbuck’s preferably … Continue reading

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Can You Believe this…rubbish!

Can You Believe this…rubbish! Arguing that Americans still subscribe to his vision of progressive change, President Barack Obama asserted in an interview recently he could have succeeded in this year’s election if he was eligible to run. “I am confident … Continue reading

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Of particular interest to everyone…

Of particular interest to everyone… As many of my current readers know, only too well, I am engaged in writing a best-selling book at this time (or, it is certainly my intention, Ha!) So day-to-day normally at this particular time, … Continue reading

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“His Majesty Barack Obama.”

Members of Congress from both sides of the aisle are bracing for what is likely to be a contentious hearing on Capitol Hill over legislation aimed at protecting individuals and organizations who hold traditional views on marriage and sexuality. Although … Continue reading

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Electoral College to receive an intelligence briefing

Electoral College to receive an intelligence briefing Amid news of possible Russian interference in the U.S. presidential election, a top Hillary Clinton adviser is publicly casting support for a push by some members of the Electoral College to receive an … Continue reading

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