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Reform: Would start like this…

Reform: Would start like this… Hey there, in a current book that I am reading presently I happened upon this following paragraph. Now although it may be a problem of sorts to accomplish this now given a number of special … Continue reading

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“In undue haste, confusion or disorder” or “in a haphazard manner.

“In undue haste, confusion or disorder” or “in a haphazard manner.” According to Merriam-Webster’s dictionary, Helter Skelter means “in undue haste, confusion or disorder” or “in a haphazard manner.” And the lyrics to the Beatles song of the same name seem … Continue reading

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SLOW DOWN America!

SLOW DOWN America! I have no difficulty saying or intimating this notion with just about anyone in my plausibility structure or sphere of influence. In more ways than one I have wished, and actually, have said these precise words to … Continue reading

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Who We Are as a People, part II

Who We Are as a People, part II I would like to continue on from where I left off in the previous post. Actually, this article should be started with an excerpt or teaser and then continued on to its … Continue reading

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Some Matters I will never understand…

Some Matters I will never understand… For instance — Why and what is the reason that we are experiencing various protesting in the streets? Now before someone who thinks they’re mature and reasonably well-educated, please do not say because “We … Continue reading

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How long is 30-years..? Oh…we say that each 10-years that pass along are a decade. So numerically if we were to add three decades together we should arrive at 30-years. A completely different way to look at it would to … Continue reading

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Founding Fathers Quotes Friday

  It has become incumbent upon me while preparing this book to intercept some of the fundamental problems that we all are experiencing during our time on this planet. As the United States is concerned it does indeed seem like … Continue reading

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It’s Time for a Rant!!

It’s Time for a Rant!! Yep, you know those times when it’s hard to find anything on television except election coverage — whether you want it or not. So I say, let’s read a new interesting book! Ultimately the rant … Continue reading

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It’s the Information Age but can you handle it?

Don’t know if anyone caught it or not; however, there seems to be an interplay going on within the journalism profession – not between journalists mind you, but rather various agencies not recognizing certain bloggers’ writing; subsequently, making the procurement … Continue reading

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Consequences of Failure…

Most recently we have been looking at a 33-question test of very basic knowledge about civics in the United States. Having been educators, published writers, and statesmen in the U.S.A., I’m not sure if there is anyone more disappointed than … Continue reading

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